Christine + Clark


- 05.16.15 -

Wedding Video and Photos

Video by The Candi Project

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Where and When

The wedding will be held on Saturday, May 16, 2015 at Houston Hall, 222 W Houston St, New York, NY 10014. It will start at 11:15 AM. A celebration with lunch, drinks, and dancing will follow. Check the map for location. We have listed some recommended accommodation options for guests.



He was the ultimate All-American boy I never thought I’d fall for. Born and raised in Sacramento, CA. Eagle Scout. Catholic school bred. Tall, well-built, and easy on the eyes. I knew I was in over my head.



A Taiwanese immigrant, Berkeley graduate and an avid recycler/re-user, Christine spends her energies trying to find ways to help the world. With more pins on our ""where we've been"" map than I can keep track of, she's a world traveler who has managed to stay on the East Coast for the past 5 years.



The wedding ceremony and reception will be held in New York followed by a later wedding celebration in California. We are having bicoastal events in hopes that you will be able to celebrate with us. We are still planning other events around the wedding, so please check out the RSVP section and future blog updates for more details.

New York Wedding

While exploring our new home New York City, we stumbled across Houston Hall and thought it would make for the perfect venue for our wedding. We hope you agree and enjoy this cool little beer hall in the heart of Greenwich Village.

California Celebration

Christine spent many childhood summers swimming at the former Industry Hills aquatic center. Please join us as we celebrate with our friends and family in Southern California at the beautiful Pacific Palms.

New York After-party

Please join us for the after-party on the night of the wedding. We've booked a cool place called Ten Degrees in the East Village which should provide a nice starter to a night in NYC.


These girls have been with Christine through thick and thin.
She couldn't imagine going through her big day without them.

Jackie Chen

Matron-to-be of honor

Charlotte Cho

Matron of honor

Julie Wang

Maid of honor

Minji Kang

World Travel Partner

Diana Cheng

Medical School Friend

Aly Owyang

Future Sister-in-Law


Introducing the guys that have influenced Clark throughout his life.
He'd like to thank them for playing a large role in who he has become.

Anand Patel


Nathan Riley

Nathan "The Body" Riley

Alex Llanera

Father Llanera

Cameron Turner

Cheese-lover, Farmville Farmer

Eric Ledesma

Sartorially Adept Graphic Designer, Filipino Folk Dancer

Joshua Chen

Future Brother-in-Law, All-Around Good Guy


Check here to stay updated on the latest regarding our wedding details and festivities.


In the spirit of saving the environment, we're using Paperless Post for our wedding invitations. Please RSVP accordingly.

Check back soon as we finalize additional details and events!